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Hemi Hossain for Bangladeshi Digital Entrepreneurs

Hemi Hossain for Bangladeshi Digital  Entrepreneurs.


‘Success is the Result of Passion, Hard work and Massive Immediate Action’
~Hemi Hossain
Hemi Hossain is an international leading success coach for the Entrepreneurs and Startups. Hemi has been very successful in his professional career and business journey and previously worked for such organizations like ANZ bank and Telstra in Australia.

Hemi always had a dream of starting his own business while he was working in the top corporate sectors and keeping that vision in his mind he started his entrepreneur journey about 4 years back, and from then Hemi has affected the lives of over a million people, in 4 countries from over 100 industries on and offline through his bespoke training solutions as a mentor and coach to generate a positive difference to their lives by his special program ‘Employee to Entrepreneur.’ For creating massive impact in people’s lives to build their business, he achieved the Best
Business Award 2018, Young Entrepreneur of the year 2017 which makes him a lead trainer and most importantly a successful business coach in Australia.

Over the years, he launched his Signature Program ‘Digital Entrepreneur’ in Australia which aims to finding true potential and convert them into real business. Digital Entrepreneur Program
is proven steps to creating, growing and transitioning into a digital entrepreneur in 180 days and it has responded by over thousands of people in Australia and in other countries. The program has been designed into 3 layer which is Upgrade Your Skills, Leverage Your Business and
Automate Your Marketing Strategy.
As a Bangladeshi born, he always wanted to do something for his beloved motherland.

He believes that Bangladesh is the most prolific country in the world, and if they’ve gotten proper guidelines in the journey of Entrepreneurship, then it’s possible to be the next Asian Tiger and will be able to create Such Unicorn like Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, Lyft etc. Can Hemi Standardize this truth to the World? Yes, of course as of now, it’s very exciting that he is about to launch his
Signature Program in Bangladesh with the aim to create thousand Digital Entrepreneur within 2020.

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